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Saturday, September 13, 2014

#2. Need a Miracle? Follow the Instructions

There was a man who couldn’t walk and the Lord Jesus asked him a simple question, “would you like to be made whole” (John 5:1-8)? The man, instead of answering the question, began to explain, to the Miracle Worker Himself, all the reasons why he is still in his present condition. Are you guilty of doing this - of not answering the question or failing to follow a simple instruction? I know I've been. This man, sitting by the "pool of life" for 38 years could be any one of us right now! You see, when you need a miracle, listen for an instruction! Sometimes the instruction will come directly from the Word of God, but other times, and often I might add, it comes from people like our parents, teachers, pastors and mentors. Your miracle, (that thing you need to happen for you that you can’t make happen), is hidden behind a single step of obedience. Follow the Instructions. The results are God’s responsibility, but the obedience is ours. Miracles "happen" when steps of obedience are fulfilled. 

If you're really sick of sitting by the "pool of life," waiting for something to happen for you - click the link in orange (under my picture) to the left of this page and read about the Kingdom Success Webinar that will take place in a few weeks. It will change your life, I promise. But you have to “follow these instructions" and check it out. Also, please add your email to the "Follow Me” box so I can email you weekly updates; they will fuel your dreams and starve your doubts to death.

For Your Success, 

Dr. Jeff

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