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Monday, September 22, 2014

#3. Starting Point... Citizenship

      Unless we consciously, purposefully and intelligently come under the Authority of King Jesus, we will not see or even enter the Kingdom of God. Nicodemas saw the miracles of Jesus, he knew that Jesus was from God and that God was with Him. But Jesus still said (my paraphrase), unless you get a new spirit Nicodemas, you can't really see, experience, live-in or partake of the blessing of Kingdom (John 3:1-5). As a matter of truth, the promises of God are predicated on the assumption, that we have committed our lives to the King, and are now following the rules and teachings of the Kingdom. Living as a Citizen of the Kingdom of God, but not following it's laws and principles, is like moving to a foreign country and ignoring it's customs! Your success in that country is very unlikely and depending on the country, your arrest is probable. 

       The Kingdom is a Person and a Place, Someone and something we can experience now, not just when we go to Heaven. In the Kingdom of God, you'll find Righteousness, Joy, Peace, Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance and Power. If you want to experience the Kingdom of God in fulness, you must first submit your life to the King of the Kingdom - His name is Jesus, the Christ. He is the King of kings. This is the beginning of a deep and meaningful relationship with Christ Jesus. 

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For Your Kingdom Success, 

Dr. Jeff 

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