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Friday, October 10, 2014

#8. Change: Whose Response-Ability Is It Anyway?

     You may have heard me say before, "not everything that went wrong was your fault, but it is your response-ability now." What I mean is, whatever your situation is today, rather than blaming others, or looking for a "fall-person," recognize you possess the ability to respond in positive ways. Often, when we've been victimized by others or even our own sins, we feel powerless. We may even develop a "victim mentality" that paralyzes us so profoundly it makes achieving our dreams seem impossible. This mentality brings our creativity, faith, and hope to a screeching halt. 

     Seize the moment and "make change" happen. Become the change you want to see. No more excuses. Wait no more for things to get better or for a brighter day to come. Decide to take action right now. Make your day brighter by moving out from the shadows of yesterday's failures and into today's possibilities. 

Whose Response-Ability is it? Answer: It's Yours!  It's Mine!

For Your Kingdom Success, 

Dr. Jeff

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