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Saturday, October 4, 2014

#7. I Had Help

It was 3 months or so of intense training with the late Paul Kitson, a professional soccer player, that turned me into an 2x All-State, All-New England and All-American award recipient. I'm sharing part of my journey with you only to emphasize the value having a coach. Mr. Kitson saw potential in me and literally pulled it out. It was his commitment to help me, my submission to his "process" and an investment of his time and mine that made the difference. 

You name the "greats" in any industry - be it sports, entertainment or business, you will discover they all have "coaches" to which they invest time, money and trust. If this is true, how can we think we will reach our very best without coaches? Parents, mentors, teachers, pastors etc., are all coaches in one way or another. 

The Kingdom Success Webinars will launch this month. By investing just $1.66 per day you will be challenged and coached on the principles and practices of personal success. The main manual will the be Scriptures, the Teacher the Holy Spirit and me the facilitator. Mr. Paul Kitson coached me, let me coach you. Click the "Link" to the left for more information and begin your personal journey to a new level of success.

Dr. Jeff 

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