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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

# 42. Whose the Blame?

Own it. Take ownership of it. It can't be ignored. It's ours: Our present and our future are both owned by us. It is pointless to blame others for where we are in our life or what will happen in our future. It's easier and let's us off the hook to place the responsibility for our life in the hands of another. While it's a fact that "others" can impact, do influence and might help or hinder our forward progression, it's still not their responsibility in the end whether we are successful or not. Here is a list (partial list) of entities we often blame or use as our reason for the way things are turning out.

Who are you blaming?
1) God 
2) Devil
3) Your Past
4) Your Enemies
5) Your Family
6) Economy
7) Gender

8) Government

Take it - RESPONSE-ABILITY. What you do from this point on is up to you; you have the ABILITY TO RESPOND

Dr. Jeff 

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