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Monday, December 29, 2014

# 45. Finish "IT"

Proverbs 24:27
Prepare your work outside;
get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.

     Finish "IT". What is it you were doing, where were you headed, what did you want to achieve before you were rudely interrupted by life? What was the "thing" you wanted to accomplish, but something stopped you? Most of us have one or more things we dreamted of being, doing or seeing, but something prevented it from happening. While it's true, the hindrances in some instances, could not have been prevented or foreseen, the cold-hard truth is that we quit dreaming the dream. We gave up, we have in. 
     Regardless of the reason why the thing didn't happen for you in the past, you are still alive, and you still have NOW to go for the "IT". 
     I believe that if you want to end your nightmare, you have to get a new dream. No more excuses, get the knowledge, be accountable to the dream and a team, and Finish "IT". 
     Unapologetically, I urge you to register for Januarys' Kingdom Success Webinar. 
Each of the 6 Videos are dedicated to show you "How To Get IT Done". This is your year, the time is now. No more excuses. 

Dr. Jeff

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