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Saturday, January 10, 2015

#57. Don't Put Your Feet There

Psalm 127:2b
"...for he gives to his beloved sleep."

     There are times when we shouldn't make life-altering decisions. One of those moments are when we are tired, discouraged or otherwise too emotionally sensitive. It's during these times that our decisions will be guided only to relieve us of the momentary discomfort, but may not change the situation in the long term.
     Decisions, those decisions that affect destiny, should be reserved for the period when you are the most at peace. Never make a decision with a refrigerator on your feet. If we do, 110 times, out of 100, it may be pain-relieving, but will not solve the more important issue which is, "why did you have aan appliance on your feet in the first place. 

Dr. Jeff 

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