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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#62. Tools for Empowerment

Ecclesiastes 10:10
"If the ax is dull and the man does not whet the edge, he must put forth more strength; but wisdom helps him to succeed."
I keep it moving. I'm not busy, I'm being productive - getting the things done that are priority and part of my purpose. Time marches on. Everyone has 24 Hours each day. What we become and what we accomplish in life is the result of how we used those 24 hours. Below are just some of the tools that I know will help you produce the kind of fruit you want to come from all your efforts. A dull or wrong tool, makes work that much harder. Get the tools you need. Stay Sharp. Get it Done!

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Kingdom Prayer Call Replays
For 300 Mornings, we hosted a Kingdom Prayer Call. 954 People, from 31 States and 3 Countries Called in to listen and pray. Each of the Calls were recorded and are available for replay anytime!
Just dial 712-432-1202, enter code 312393# & Any Reference number between 20-302
There are more than 280 Short Devotional Teachings Available. Great way to start your day.

Kingdom Success Webinar

This Webinar, ready for immediate download, shows you how to break procrastination and "How To Get It Done, Stay Motivated, Set Goals and Plan for Success."

Streaming Live Every Sunday @ The King's Cathedral - "Where Everyone is Royalty"
8:30AM & 10:30AM Services

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