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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#75. Decide to Decide Wisely

Life is about decisions. Adulthood is most certainly about the choices we make. As children, often important decisions were made for us. But as grown folks, our decisions are within our power. And what you choose to do or not to do will enhance or limit future opportunities. For instance, if you choose not pay your bills "today", tomorrow when you need credit in order to buy something important, your ability to do so is greatly diminished. Or how about your choice not to exercise "today". Won't that "not to do it today " decision limit what you will be able to do "tomorrow because of poor heakth? Of course it will! It already has. Decide today to choose wisely. Don't put off tomorrow what you can and should do today. Tomorrow won't be better for you until you make better decisions today.

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